Drones: The Future of Taxis and Transportations?

LawandaJuarez's Blog

Almost every urban science fiction involves a hovercraft of some sort that has replaced cars as the main mode of transport. Hoverboards being the most popular led to an influx of InventHelp Inventors inventors on Kickstarter in 2014, attempting to make what essentially looks and functions like a floating skateboard. Unfortunately, many of these never took off and fans of the concept were left with what has been redefined as a hoverboard: a skateboard with two wheels. Even that caught fire and burned, resulting in a ban from certain airlines.

However, even those setbacks have not dimmed the prospects of one day achieving levitating transportation. When InventHelp Technology Uber announced its intentions with NASA back in 2016, it sounded much more plausible InventHelp Innovation than a levitating hoverboard due to the parties involved in the project. The federal American agency will be responsible for laying the groundwork needed to regulate…

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